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Ventev Launches Antennas to Resolve Wireless Challenges in Warehouses

Ventev, the manufacturing unit of TESSCO Technologies, Inc. has introduced the Magnetic Mount Antenna and Large Warehouse Directional Antenna, two new solutions designed to improve connectivity and coverage in warehouses.

Warehouse environments are faced with many obstacles, such as large areas with high, open ceilings and RF-blocking materials, which inhibit seamless Wi-Fi coverage, often resulting in significant deterioration in productivity and unreliable mission-critical processes. To ensure warehouse operations are running as efficiently as possible, it’s imperative to deploy a wireless system that can navigate these environmental challenges.

Ventev has designed two new solutions to ensure high-performance Wi-Fi connectivity throughout warehouse spaces. The first product is the 2.4/5 GHz 6/7 dBi Magnetic Mount Antenna, a low-profile, indoor and outdoor antenna designed to magnetically mount to forklifts and jockey units to provide mobile connectivity. This antenna is ideal for environments where fixed antennas cannot navigate around RF-blocking materials such as metal cages and racks.

The second solution is the 2.4/5 GHz 13 dBi Large Warehouse Directional Antenna, a dual-band, high-gain, sector antenna designed to be mounted to the ceiling to provide connectivity along the full length of an aisle without causing RF-bleed to adjacent aisles. This is a practical alternative to mounting two antennas on the walls or racks at either end of an aisle by providing a top down coverage approach as opposed to side to side.

“At Ventev, our goal is to create solutions that are designed to address our customers’ real-world problems,” said Mary Beth Smith, Vice President and General Manager of Ventev. “The Magnetic Mount Antenna and Large Warehouse Directional Antenna are two new solutions for warehouse environment challenges, providing a more efficient and comprehensive approach to wireless.”

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