• Nick D.

TiaLinx, Inc. Completes Successful Delivery of its Patented Programmable Polarized Antenna

TiaLinx, Inc. has announced successful implementation of its programmable polarized antenna technology at the X- and Ka-bands.

The core technology is being augmented to address a fully integrated programmable polarized cell with beamsteering capability in an antenna array ("P2BA2"). P2BA2 is a micro module and ideal technology to enhance the coverage and quality of 5G wireless links.  P2BA2 can be expanded to 32 x 32 arrays as an element of massive tiles for ground terminal connectivity with communication satellites. The development of the P2BA2 cell has been sponsored by a SBIR Phase II grant from the Air Force Research Laboratory.

TiaLinx's patented wafer-scale beamforming technology and its planar antenna arrays enable scanning with fine lateral resolution, ultimately enhancing the connectivity of the users to 5G cell clusters.

Furthermore, signal processing with polarization capabilities enhances the suppression of scattering in a cluttered environment, while the advanced ultra-wideband (UWB) transmitter and receiver provide the user with the ability to obtain ultra-fast multi-band access to download movies in seconds.

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