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Taoglas Settles Litigation Against 2J Antennas

Taoglas has announced that Taoglas Group Holdings Limited and Taoglas USA, Inc. have resolved their litigation against 2J Antennas USA, Corp., 2J Antennas S.R.O, and Javier Ruben Flores Cuadras. Taoglas brought the lawsuit in the United States District Court in San Diego for violations of trade secret misappropriation, breach of contract, intentional interference with contract, and patent infringement. Taoglas and 2J resolved the matter via a confidential settlement.

“We will continue to vigorously defend our intellectual property rights from anyone who seeks to impermissibly copy Taoglas’ innovative, high-quality products,” said Ronan Quinlan, Co-CEO of Taoglas. “Our intellectual property, dedicated research and development teams across our ten global engineering centers, and industry leading products and designs are among our most valuable assets and a key reason for our success and the success of our customers worldwide,” Mr. Quinlan continued.

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