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Smarteq Wins Antenna Order From Italian Enel Worth SEK 7 Million

Smarteq Wireless AB, which is part of the Allgon group, has won an antenna order from the Italian energy company Enel worth over SEK 7 million during the next two years.

Enel is one of Europe's largest energy companies. Smarteq will deliver 169 MHz antennas for concentrator stations, that collect data from "smart" electricity meters, to Enel e-distribuzione. Smarteq will start deliveries during the first quarter of 2020.

"The order is a result of our team's long-term work as an antenna partner to the leading players in the energy sector, and to expand our operations in Italy and Europe. We have a long and extensive experience in developing and supplying antennas to smart electricity meters since the first volume rollouts of radio-based smart electricity meters in Sweden commenced around 2005. Today we have a leading position of antennas for this segment. Our product met Enel's needs and is another acknowledgment of our ability to deliver. With this order we are taking the next steps towards  developing our business in both the Italian market and the rest of Europe," says Smarteq's CEO Yasemin Heper Mårtensson.

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