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PCTEL Announces 5G Dual Polarization Beamforming Testing Solution for 3.5 GHz Frequencies

PCTEL, Inc. has announced its new solution for testing 5G networks that utilize dual polarization beamforming configurations on widely deployed mid-band frequencies such as 3.5 GHz and CBRS.

Dual polarization beamforming can provide optimal 5G coverage, while reducing power consumption, but it poses test and measurement challenges for traditional drive and walk testing systems. PCTEL’s solution enables accurate field testing of dual polarization beamforming network configurations implemented by a major European 5G network infrastructure provider.

The solution features a specially designed horizontally polarized antenna and new signal processing techniques that enable PCTEL scanning receivers to capture dual polarized signals in a manner similar to a mobile phone, while maintaining the accuracy and performance of a purpose-built scanner.

“PCTEL’s dual polarization testing solution fills an important need in the 5G ecosystem, enabling operators to take full advantage of an exciting new technology,” said Rishi Bharadwaj, PCTEL’s Chief Operating Officer. “This innovative solution is the result of our commitment to cutting-edge technology, paired with PCTEL’s unique combination of expertise in antennas, radio devices, and test and measurement solutions,” added Bharadwaj.

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