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Norsat International Launches New Ka-Band Terminal in Its WAYFARER Series of Satellite Antennas

Norsat International Inc. has launched a new satellite antenna in its WAYFARER series of portable and easy-to-deploy commercial terminals. The new 1.2-meter auto-pointing fly-away antenna (WFA120KA) is a fast-deploying, easy-to-use, and compact SATCOM VSAT that is airline checkable. It is the first Ka-band satellite terminal in the WAYFARER series and ideal for communications in remote enterprise, energy, emergency and media applications.

Key features of the WFA120KA 1.2m Ka-band Auto Fly-Away:

  • Easy and intuitive LinkControl™ Interface

  • Rugged and lightweight pedestal design

  • Lightweight and durable 8 segment carbon fibre reflector

  • Fast, simple, tool-free deployment

  • Automatic 3-axis acquisition

  • 2-case packing solution

  • Wide range of Norsat BUC and LNB configurations

  • Set up in 5 minutes

  • Stored in ruggedized, weatherproof cases that are airline checkable (<30 kg each)

Dr. Amiee Chan, President and CEO of Norsat, stated, "We are thrilled to add our first Ka-band satellite antenna to our WAYFARER series of commercial terminals and continue to offer an expansive portfolio of satellite solutions to help our customers meet their communication needs in remote environments and challenging applications."

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