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L-com Releases Embedded PCB Antennas with IPEX Connectors

L-com has released a series of embedded PCB antennas designed to integrate into self-contained wireless equipment developed by many OEMs and ODMs.

L-com’s new embedded PCB antennas are designed to directly integrate with numerous types of devices that require wireless capabilities. By embedding these PCB antennas directly into a device, the need for an external antenna is eliminated, saving money, time and valuable space.

All 12 antennas in this new line feature popular IPEX-style connectors terminated to 1.13 coax cable, 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, 2.4/5 GHz, 700/2700 MHz and 824-960/1710-1990 MHz frequency options with gain ranging from 0 to 3 dBi.

“These new embedded PCB antennas were developed to address a wide range of applications including WiFi, cellular, IMS and IoT where just about any device that requires wireless connectivity can benefit. These antennas offer both integration and seamless wireless connectivity,” said Mark Miller, Product Line Manager.

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