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  • Nick D.

KP Performance Antennas Releases New UBNT Parabolic Adapter and Antenna Kits

KP Performance Antennas, an Infinite Electronics brand and a manufacturer of wireless network antennas, has debuted a new UBNT parabolic adapter and antenna kits for the WISP industry.

KP’s new UBNT parabolic adapter and antenna kits connect the Ubiquiti: PrismStation 5AC, IsoStationTM 5AC and IsoStationTM M5 to the KP 2-foot and 1-foot 5 GHz ProLine parabolic antennas. This allows the radios to be used with KP’s ProLine parabolic antenna to provide high gain and reduced interference in point-to-point links. Other benefits of this adapter and antenna kits include adjustable polarization, ease of installation and reduced install costs.

“This new parabolic adapter and antenna kits improve link budget, reduce noise and provide a robust point-to-point antenna solution for the Ubiquiti IsoStation and PrismStation that has industry leading gain, front to back and side lobe performance,” said Ken Izatt, Antenna Product Line Manager.

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