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  • Nick D.

High Gain LNA for Small Cell, Cellular 5G NR, and Base Station Applications

Skyworks has introduced the SKY67181-396LF, a high gain, low noise amplifier (LNA). Designed to meet the challenging requirements of cellular LTE and 5G NR infrastructure applications, this LNA features ultra low-noise figure, high gain, and operates over a wide range of frequencies.

Featuring an ultra-compact 2 x 2 mm plastic surface mount package to reduce PCB board space, SKY67181-396LF is pin-to-pin compatible with the previously released SKY67183-396LF and SKY67189-396LF.

These LNAs are well suited for 2G/3G/4G/5G TDD and FDD infrastructure applications, including small cell, massive MIMO, and macro base stations.

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