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Digi-Key Electronics Announces Taoglas Custom Antenna Configurator Solution

Digi-Key Electronics has expanded its offerings to include the Taoglas antenna configurator, which gives customers the ability to create antennas of any material, at any length and with any connectors. This offering is part of Digi-Key's Marketplace initiative, broadening the world's largest selection of electronic components and making Digi-Key more of a one-stop-shop than ever before.

"We're thrilled to partner with Digi-Key on the integration of the Taoglas custom antenna builder with their world-leading distributor platform. This follows the successful launch of our custom RF cable builder," said Dermot O'Shea, co-CEO and co-founder of Taoglas. "Time is the ultimate commodity, so we know engineers don't have the time to waste on a lengthy ordering and design process. The Taoglas custom antenna builder is constantly being updated with our evolving product portfolio, making it as simple as possible to order custom antennas, while also allowing customers to experiment with the various options available."

The Taoglas custom antenna configurator solution is unique in that it allows Digi-Key customers to get immediate pricing on their custom antennas. This is just one of multiple exclusive IoT solutions Digi-Key offers to help streamline the purchasing process for innovators around the world.

"Taoglas is a well-regarded leader in the antenna space, and we're excited to provide Digi-Key customers with their custom offering," said Josh Mickolio, supplier business development manager at Digi-Key. "The antenna configurator is a first-to-market solution where engineers not only have the opportunity to view what their antenna will look like in real-time, but also to get a price quote immediately."

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