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Baylin Technologies Announces LTE and 5G Multibeam Antenna Line

Baylin Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce its subsidiary Galtronics USA has launched a new line of multibeam base station antennas supporting Global and North American specifications.

The Galtronics multibeam antennas are already proving effective in traffic-heavy environments. In Q1 2021 a Tier 1 US carrier successfully deployed multiple multibeam antennas at one of North America’s top six busiest airports.

Today’s market demands advanced multibeam antennas. The Insight Partners’ market research report “Multi-beam Antenna Market Forecast to 2027” predicted the market for multibeam antennas will grow throughout the 2020’s as wireless operators seek improved efficiency and service quality.

“The Galtronics multibeam solutions are designed to deliver superior performance in a smaller package and at a more affordable cost than the traditional alternative currently in the market,” said Baylin President and CEO Randy Dewey.

Galtronics’ multibeam antenna line will compete directly with the large and heavy lens style antennas that have been used widely over the past decade. In developing this new product line, Galtronics successfully solved the beam squint issue typically encountered with traditional multibeam panels by incorporating its patent pending “beam stabilization” technology.

“The Galtronics 6-beam, 4X4 MIMO, high gain base station antenna provides peak performance and peak capacity which improves network performance and enhances the end user experience”, explained Minya Gavrilovic, President & CTO of Galtronics USA. “These multibeam base station antennas deliver significant increases in LTE and 5G broadband coverage for high-capacity venues and special event applications as well as in high density urban environments.”

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