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ADARA Announces Development Completion of ADARA's Virtual 5G for Windows

ADARA Networks, Inc. has announced the completed development of a new version of its Virtual 5G App, now with support for Windows-based platforms. ADARA's Virtual 5G is the popular App version of the ADARA 5G product platform; it is made for the estimated 10 Billion Global Smart Phones and Tablets. ADARA's Virtual 5G for Android is made for Mobile devices that run the Android Operating System.

ADARA's Virtual 5G for Windows is made for the estimated 1 billion Windows-powered PCs in use in the world, with Microsoft officially estimating more than 400 million active users of Windows 10 itself.

Desktops and Laptops typically use wired connectivity as opposed to the wireless Internet connections used by Smart Phones and Tablets. ADARA's Virtual 5G for Windows has been engineered to manage the greater throughput and processing power of Desktops and Laptops which utilize wired connectivity, as wired connections use in-ground service provider optical fiber bandwidth that can exceed 40Gbits per second, well in excess of the 10Gbits per second currently projected as the future upper capacity of 5G Mobile Broadband. The current minimum of 5G Mobile Broadband is only 50 Mbits per second; service levels are commonly reach only the minimum speeds to qualify as 5G Mobile Broadband. The ADARA 5G and SD WAN platform supports up to 10Gbits per second; the ADARA Virtual 5G for Windows supports these speeds, and is capable of higher capacities as Desktop and Laptop technologies advance.

ADARA's Virtual 5G for Windows will support all of the 669,000 Applications for Windows-based systems. An important way in which this new product will differ from ADARA's Virtual 5G for Android App is that ADARA's Virtual 5G for Windows will allow the configuring of Virtual 5G for Windows for an unlimited number of Apps, and for multiple devices within a user's home and home office network.

ADARA's Virtual 5G for Windows is part of the ADARA SD WAN Platform and offers 5G and SD WAN service; it is a powerful product that will be offered only via subscription, and distribution will be set to reach the largest population of Windows-based users.

Desktops and Laptops differ from Mobile devices in their power and usage. While Desktop systems were designed for spreadsheet and desktop publishing applications, in practice nearly all users utilize PCs for Internet Access, Email and Internet Browsing. Increasingly, websites are built upon embedded video, and the primary business and social media applications use web conferencing which rely upon video and streaming multimedia. Despite having at least 400%+ more bandwidth than mobile platforms, wired devices still suffer from many of the same issues with video applications; these services comprise 95% of Internet Content and Traffic.

ADARA's Virtual 5G for Windows will be available via subscription, enabling 5G and SD WAN Service on any device using Windows 10, which is the most advanced Windows Operating System on the newest generation of PCs and Laptops. It is the first SD WAN system that features all of the capabilities of an Enterprise SD WAN on a remote user and mobile platform and offers 5G speed and 5G service. It is self-configuring and allows for End Users to migrate their SD WAN and 5G deployments to the Enterprise environments as COVID restrictions are lifted, and enables Remote Users to Work from Home, Learn from Home, and Entertain at Home using via Online Streaming Services as alternatives and replacements for traditional Cable and Satellite TV; trends that are accelerating and becoming more permanent and prevalent.

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