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  • Nick D.

4x4 MIMO Antenna for Airborne Platforms

RFMW has announced design and sales support for a Southwest Antennas’ 4x4 antenna. Designed specifically for aircraft installation with multi-port MIMO and MANET tactical radio systems, the1055-378C-Band antenna is omni-directional with an operational frequency range of 4.4 - 5.0 GHz, and 5.3 dBi of peak gain. 

The antenna's four RF ports and 45 degree slant left and slant right cross-polarized design provide enhanced polarization and spatial diversity for attached radio systems, allowing them to maximize data throughput and overall link budget. The mechanical design of this product has been specifically engineered and reinforced to withstand the higher wind speeds and low pressure environment while in flight with an integrated flange base for secure mounting to an aircraft, helicopter, UAS, or other vehicles.

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