Quortus and Expeto Announce Commercial Availability of Enterprise Communications Platform as a Service

Quortus and Expeto has announced commercial availability of a unique “platform as a service” (PaaS) solution that gives enterprises and other organizations complete control of their cellular communications. Field trials of the solution are already under way in conjunction with a major multi-national natural resources concern and its cellular network provider, in the Asia-Pacific region.

The solution leverages IT cloud principles, network function virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN), to provide organizations with secure, high-availability 4G/LTE communications services. By virtualizing the LTE core network in an “edge-cloud” architecture, service providers and their customers can dynamically create virtual LTE networks – or network slices – to serve targeted connectivity needs.

“Edge and cloud computing, virtualization and SDN have always looked like a technologically attractive combination,” said Caroline Chappell, Principal Analyst at Analysys Mason. “The question has been whether they would add up to a compelling customer proposition. I think we’re starting to see a positive answer to that question as companies start to crystalize that promise into services that organizations really need.”

Ryley Mackenzie, Expeto CEO, commented: “Our approach combines the flexibility, security and control that enterprises associate with IT infrastructure, with the robustness and scalability of a virtualized cellular solution. At the heart of our offering is some great technology from Quortus and Expeto. But more importantly is what that technology enables. Communications Service Providers are struggling to move beyond connectivity in their dealings with enterprise customers: enterprises themselves are looking for greater control and ownership of their data. We can help both to achieve their goals.”

Andy Odgers, Quortus CEO, said: “Combining the deployment-proven Quortus EPC with Expeto’s expertise in security, containerization and orchestration within a Platform-as-a-Service deployment model, makes for a powerful solution for a broad range of CSPs – and enables innovative services for enterprise customers. From standalone remote site requirements to massively scalable IoT deployments, we can offer a solution.”

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