GenXComm Enables a More Connected 5G World

GenXComm has closed a fully-subscribed round of seed financing led by FAM Capital Partners, with investments from the UT Horizon Fund and other investors. GenXComm’s robust simultaneous self-interference cancellation (S-SIX) technology unleashes the full potential of the spectrum used for today’s 5G mobile, Wi-Fi and cable networks by allowing channels to be stacked one next to the other with no empty spectrum between them.

The benefits of this patented technology include doubling the effectiveness of the available spectrum by enabling talk while listen, and increasing network performance up to 30X for dense environments, while maintaining full backwards compatibility. Unlike previous attempts, GenXComm’s patented S-SIX technology operates under harsh real-world conditions allowing its use in a stadium, between tall buildings or anywhere we decide to connect, live, work and play.

GenXComm, whose origins trace back to The University of Texas at Austin electrical engineering department, has finally solved one of the most challenging wireless communication problems – how to achieve the full use and near 100 percent effectiveness of any wireless and wired spectrum. All networks today must transmit and receive in either different frequencies at the same time, or at different times on the same frequency. Moreover, multiple transmitters must be spaced apart to avoid interfering with one another. GenXComm’s technology enables multiple transmitters to coexist side-by-side, enabling life without interference. GenXComm’s technology, operating today in their development lab, demonstrates that wireless devices can finally evolve to their full potential. Often referred to as the “Holy Grail” in communications, GenXComm S-SIX technology enables robust full-duplex communications and full-use of the available spectrumjust as carriers are planning their 5G cellular networks to cope with a flood of new wireless devices and rapidly increasing data demands on wireless networks.

“There is an immediate opportunity to dramatically enhance the user experience in key markets by leveraging GenXComm’s innovative simultaneous self-interference cancellation technology,” said Sriram Vishwanath, co-founder and President of GenXComm. “Consumers want to live a life without interference and at least from a technology perspective, GenXComm will allow them to do so. The limited availability of new spectrum and its effectiveness for wireless communications are key factors plaguing cellular network operators and any wireless system facing exponential growth in data usage. We are already working with market leaders across 5G and IOT markets to radically change their users’ experiences with improvements in densification, throughput and security. Stated more simply, our customers now have an effective way to use all their spectrum, under real world conditions and in the most efficient way possible, to better serve their customers.”

With the latest investment from the UT Horizon Fund, GenXComm has fully-subscribed its seed financing, providing the Company with capital to complete important milestones including the pursuit of key hires, expanding upon engagements with strategic partners and commercializing the technology for various applications and markets.

“GenXComm is focused on commercializing a UT-based technology with massive potential,” said Nick Tulloh, Senior Investment Analyst with the UT Horizon Fund, “With the increasing adoption of IOT devices and streaming services representing an increasing portion of mobile internet traffic, data demands are outpacing network capabilities. GenXComm plans to deliver quality and capacity improvements across the whole spectrum of networked devices.”

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