Assured Wireless Demonstrates High Power Portable User Equipment for LTE Band 14 Public Safety Wireless Networks

Assured Wireless Corp. has announced the successful demonstration of its prototype high-power WiFi-to-LTE portable hotspot device designed specifically to serve the needs of public safety organizations.

“We’re excited to demonstrate the many benefits that HPUE offers to public safety broadband wireless networks with enhanced range, data rate, and capacity in a portable device,” said Thomas Bilotta, CEO/CTO.

Existing standard-power broadband devices fall short in their ability to connect at long range or deeply inside large concrete buildings, but high power user equipment provided by Assured Wireless Corp meets this requirement. Initial field trials in actual Band 14 networks in Texas and California show that operating range, uplink data rates and overall network capacity are considerably enhanced with this new technology.

Assured Wireless Corp. is offering demonstrations of the advanced capabilities of its portable HPUE technology to public safety organizations in the coverage areas of Band 14 LTE networks. Interested agencies are invited to contact the company to arrange a demonstration applicable to their specific applications and interests.

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