Alive Telecom’s New Spec Generator

New System Labs, in collaboration with Reach Creative, has developed a custom, mobile-friendly web-application for sales lead generation for the Alive Telecom website. The†Alive Telecom Spec Generator†allows a user to design a radio antenna and output all the specifications to their email. Prior to this tool’s launch, the only option for engineers in the broadcast industry was to download a desktop application which only worked on Windows computers. After the launch of the Alive Telecom Spec Generator, any broadcast engineer can quickly spec a customized antenna product from their phone, their tablet, or anywhere they can connect to the internet.

The Alive Telecom Spec Generator has created 250 custom antenna specs since its debut in 2016. This is a 75 percent increase in quotes over the same time period in 2015.

“Ease of quoting through the Alive Telecom Spec Generator has helped Alive better serve our customers and support the industry in a much more efficient manner. Quoting turnaround time has been cut in half,” said Dan Barton, President/CEO at Alive Telecom.

By working closely with Alive Telecom, New Systems Labs gained a deep understanding of their needs and provided unique solutions to streamline antenna customization.

“We partner closely with our clients to develop unique solutions based on their individual needs,” said Michael Grasso, director at New System Labs. “New System Labs offers a collaborative approach. Drawing on our broad development expertise and tapping into our partnersí capabilities, we provide clients with complete development services while keeping an eye on the budget.”

Key services for this custom solution include:

  • Data architecture and implementation, for both tool management and sales lead capture,
  • Application development services, provided by in-house engineering staff:
    • Server-side coding, testing and deployment
    • HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript coding, testing and deployment
    • Custom WordPress plugin development, allowing management to manage the application through their existing CMS
    • Integrations with chart / graph and PDF libraries to display data outputs and for sales team follow-up
  • UX / responsive interface design, by Reach Creative (
  • Ongoing maintenance and application upgrades / enhancements

To view the live application, visit†

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