PCTEL and TRX Systems Automate Indoor Mapping of Cellular Networks

PCTel-MappingPCTEL, Inc. and TRX Systems Inc., provider of NEON Location Solutions, have announced the first scanning receiver-based cellular network test and measurement solution with automated indoor/outdoor geo-referencing. With the PCTEL-TRX solution, engineers will be able to easily collect and geo-locate RF (radio frequency) data where GPS signals are not available. The system’s automatic 2D and 3D mapping supports engineering activities for DAS, small cell, and heterogeneous wireless networks.

The network testing solution integrates TRX’s NEON Signal Mapper 3D location and mapping solution with PCTEL’s SeeHawk Touch test and measurement software and IBflex scanning receivers. PCTEL’s scanning receivers exceed the capabilities of mobile devices, leveraging exceptional measurement accuracy and broad dynamic range to produce a more complete picture of the RF environment. Scanning receiver-based solutions such as SeeHawk Touch are the only reliable solutions for planning, designing, benchmarking, and troubleshooting wireless networks.

“3D mapping and visualization of IBflex power measurements is essential for testing coverage in stairwells to meet new public safety requirements,” said Jeff Miller, PCTEL’s Senior Vice President and General Manager, RF Solutions. “Automated 3D navigation improves the quality and efficiency of data collection by eliminating the often tedious and error-prone point-and-click in-building navigation,” added Miller.

TRX’s 3D location and mapping solution simplifies and dramatically reduces the time required to complete signal testing both indoors and out. Field personnel will no longer need to manually tap out their location on a 2D map as they walk through a building or around a campus. Instead, the new TRX-PCTEL integrated solution uses NEON® Signal Mapper to deliver real-time geo-referenced signal data that can be visualized both locally by the user and remotely on a 3D display.

“TRX and PCTEL bring unique and complementary capabilities to wireless test and measurement,” said Jeff Kunst, TRX’s Vice President, Product and Business Development. “This version of the NEON Signal Mapper solution was designed to integrate seamlessly with PCTEL’s SeeHawk Touch,” added Kunst.

This innovative 3D test and measurement solution will be available only from PCTEL. Current SeeHawk Touch users can upgrade their systems to access this innovative 3D mapping capability.

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