Saelig Introduces GPS-Logger With Gyro/Tilt/Compass and Accelerometer

Saelig-gps-loggerSaelig Company, Inc. has announced the availability of the Aaronia GPS Logger – a six-parameter datalogger that has been designed for recording the position and orientation of RF antennas (such as the Aaronia HyperLOG X, HyperLOG EMI, and Magnotracker series) during field investigations. But it is also very useful for a wide range of non-RF applications where position and movement logging is required. The Aaronia GPS Logger includes a total of six state-of-the-art sensors in a very small form factor, with a fast data capture rate of up to 35 logs/second. The tiny (4 by 1.7 by 0.9 inches) logger with its built-in battery weighs just 3 oz and fits in the palm of a hand.

Starting up in about 30 seconds, the Aaronia GPS Logger features a 66-channel GPS Sensor with built-in antenna, offering a position accuracy of 6 feet, maximum velocity measurements of up to 350 mph, altitude up to 60,000 feet, with a signal sensitivity of -165 dBm. The GPS sensor allows for easy collection and documentation of position and elevation. The tilt-sensor and the digital compass capture the inclination and orientation of an object such as an antenna during the measurement process. The 3D/triaxial accelerometer measures g-forces up to 8g with 4 mg resolution. Using the GPS-Logger during RF measurements means that these special capabilities can be used to easily create an “RF heat map” including frequency, direction, and strength of an RF source with a 360 degree view.

All sensor data can be captured at up to 35 readings/sec per second on to a microSD card or via USB streaming. The real-time indication of data makes the Aaronia GPS Logger extremely useful for instantly assessing position-variable information. Supplied with 2GB of microSD data card storage and with an internal 650 mAh LiPo battery, the logger can record up to two days of full speed data on the card. The data rate can be lowered to allow for weeks or even months of logging time.

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