MAST Technologies Announces New K-band RF Absorbers

April2_MASTMAST Technologies has announced a new series of K-band RF Absorber products for use in high frequency electronics applications. MAST Technologies is a designer and manufacturer of RF and Microwave Absorbing materials.

The new series of part numbers includes four Tuned Frequency absorber materials that are electrically optimized for 20.6 GHz, 24 GHz, 30 GHz, and 35 GHz and are intended for customers who experience high frequency cavity resonance effects or high frequency EMI emissions.

“We are very excited to be launching these new K-band absorbers,” said Andrew Sundsmo, president of MAST Technologies. “MAST Technologies is constantly innovating and adapting as the market for RF absorbers grows. We are focused at looking outside of the standard 2 to 18 GHz spectrum, designing materials for frequencies as low as 100 MHz and as high at 90 GHz. We have seen strong market interest in absorptive materials that reduce resonances and emissions at K-band, prompting our design engineers to develop these new K-band absorber materials. Our products are engineered to reduce or eliminate RF and microwave noise associated with electronic circuits by attenuating the electromagnetic waves and converting them to heat.”

The new K-band RF absorber products will be available for sale immediately direct through MAST Technologies or through its worldwide distributor, RFMW.

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