New Micro ATX – 20 GHz RFoF Transmitter

APIC Micro ATXThe Micro ATX†(20 GHz RFoF Transmitter) is APICís latest RF over fiber product for telecommunications applications such as microwave, DAS, 5G, and MIMO.† The Micro ATX combines an ultra low-RIN (-168 dB/Hz) continuous wavelength (CW) laser (1,530-1,565 nm), a low Vπ amplitude modulator, a low noise amplifier, power conditioning and control electronics into a very small, yet, very rugged package (14 by 5 by 2 cm).

When used in combination with APICís highly linear analog receiver, the resulting link performance, with/without a selectable low noise amplifier (LNA), has a gain greater than 8/ -6 dB; a noise figure (NF) lower than 8 / 21 dB; an SFDR ~ 111/114 dBŸHz-2/3; and an RF bandwidth from 50 MHz through 20 GHz.† The Micro ATX is built to operate in harsh environments and ambient temperatures from -40 to 70 degrees Celsius.

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