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Dielectric Resonator Antennas for 5G Applications

S. Keyrouz, D. Caratelli, and D. Favreau
Antenna Company

The development of 5G technologies aimed at increasing data rate of wireless†communication networks by a factor of 100 imposes stringent specifications (large†bandwidth, high gain, small size and temperature independent performance) on the design of†the radio frequency (RF) electronics. Various front-end antenna solutions relying on patch†radiating structures have been proposed for millimeter-wave applications. Said antennas are†characterized by small size, low weight, and low cost and can be easily integrated on chip.†However, because of losses in conductors as well as dielectric substrate materials, these†antennas suffer from very low radiation efficiency (< 10 %), low gain (< 0 dBi), and†narrowband behavior.

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Enhancing Property Values Through In-Building Wireless Connectivity

Vince Varga – Centerline Solutions

Property managers, owners, and builders are missing an opportunity to increase profits through attracting modern, mobility-favoring tenants. The easiest way for a property to miss out on revenue is to lose tenants to turnover, or worse, not to get them in the first place. To get them in the door, your property must be well-maintained in your tenantsí eyes, and your operations staff must be able to work efficiently throughout your property to make this happen. These needs hinge on mobile connectivity, an area in which many properties are lacking. You already provide utilities (water, energy) and amenities (parking, workout facilities), but you may not be aware of In-Building Wireless, a compelling way to attract and retain tenants in our technology-centric era.

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Agile Wireless Deployment: Ultimate Efficiency Through Cross-Functional Teams & Adaptive Practices

By Centerline Solutions | Agile Wireless Deployment

Innovative software developers rely on an adaptive set of principles to develop and build applications with the goal of bringing products to market more rapidly. Known as Agile Software Development, this approach relies on incremental development, collaborative efforts, cross-functional teams, and expedited delivery of a shippable product. The product is continually refined and improved over time. This Agile approach to development practices is a strategy that wireless network providers should use to most efficiently design and deploy new networks.

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Virtual Antenna Technology: The Flexible and Off-the-Shelf Mobile Antenna Solution

NGMN Recommends Base Station Antenna Standards

NEC and Ubidyne Verify the Benefits of 3D Beamforming for Small Cells

Laird Technologies Publishes White Paper on RF Range