2017 eNews

March 2017

  • Aperture Tuning, the Best Technique for Closed Loop Tuning
  • Radio Frequency Systems: The Clear Choice in Wireless Infrastructure
  • Tiny Horn Antennas Aid Testing of 5G Millimetre-Wave Equipment
  • Gap Wireless Distributing Non-Line-of-Sight Solutions from Tarana Wireless
  • Ethertronics Launches LoRa Module with Active Steering Antenna
  • Critical Communications Private Broadband LTE Market to Reach $2.6 billion by 2020
  • Keysight Technologies Works with Huawei on Phase II of China 5G Technology R&D Trial
  • Corporate Testing and Certification Company AT4 Wireless to Become DEKRA
  • Assured Wireless Demonstrates High Power Portable User Equipment for LTE Band 14 Public Safety Wireless Networks

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February 2017

  • Sinclair Technologies Helps NAV Canada Safely Move Millions of Aircraft
  • Gap Wireless Brings Advanced DJI Drones to Market
  • Cloverleaf Omni Antennas from RFMW Have Integrated RF Goosenecks
  • 300 MHz to 6 GHz Dual Wideband Mixer with Programmable Gain Amplifiers Enables 5G Wireless Access
  • Easy-to-use Antenna Alignment Tool Offers Accuracy for Optimum Network Performance
  • World Record Attempt Back on Track and all Systems go for Poynting Antennas
  • Qualcomm Announces First End-to-End 802.11ax Wi-Fi Portfolio

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January 2017

  • The Ongoing IoT Conundrum: Who’s Going to Pay?
  • Gap Wireless Brings Advanced DJI Drones to Market
  • Ethertronics Launches Smart Cord-Cutting Active Steering Smart Antenna System Solution
  • 25W GaN Power Amp for VSAT and Data Links
  • Protective Coating for Deep Space Antennas from Triangle
  • Saelig Introduces GPS-Logger With Gyro/Tilt/Compass and Accelerometer
  • Infinite Electronics Acquires KP Performance Antennas
  • Landmark Study on Impact of 5G Mobile Technology Released
  • Dielectric Antenna Enables FM Power Increase for Golden West Radio

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