Digital Issues

Winter 2017

WIN2017_cover- A New Capacity-Based Approach to Analyze Multi Element Antenna Systems
- 5G Cellular Electromagnetic Window Considerations
- Dielectric Resonator Antennas for 5G Applications
- New Antenna Technologies
- New Antenna Components

Fall 2016

AST_Fall2016_cover- Synthesis of Robust UHF RFID Antennas on Dielectric Substrates
- The 5 Biggest Myths Around Base Station Antennas
- New Loop and Adcock Array Technology for Improved Radio Direction Finding Performance

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Summer 2016

AST_Summer2016_coverFFeatures & Columns:

- LEED with DAS: Ensuring Connectivity in LEED-Certified Buildings
- The Unexpected Cost of Low Cost Microwave Antennas
- An Evolution in Antenna Design

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Spring 2016


Features & Columns:

- Progress Comes in All Shapes and Sizes: A Practical Guide to Selecting and Deploying Antennas in Wireless Towers
- Major Trends for Outdoor Cell Sites

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Winter 2016

AST_Winter2016_coverFFeatures & Columns:

- Configurable Robotic Millimeter-Wave Antenna Facility
- Bringing Live Events to the Television Screen
- DAS Anywhere and Everywhere

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Fall 2015

AST_Fall2015_coverFFeatures & Columns: 

-  Dual Tuning – The OEM’s Secret Weapon inSpectrum Proliferation
-  A Hybrid “Hexa-Band” Cellular Antenna
-  Tunable and Fixed Filtering Solutions Enhance Dynamic Range of 4G-LTE Measurements
-  Low-Cost and Frequency-Selective Metamaterial and Its Antenna Applications
-  Guest Blog: Hiding a DAS
-  Antenna Systems 2015: Conference Preview

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Summer 2015


- The Future of DAS – In-Building and Dynamic Capacity
- Impedance Matching is No Match for Aperature Tuning
- All Band VSAT Antenna Radomes: A New Perspective
- DAS and Small Cells, Revisited

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