Guest Blogs

5G Cellular Electromagnetic Window Considerations

D. J. Kozakoff, C. Corallo, D. Petra, and W. Roovers

Every pole mounted cellular antenna uses a RF transparent electromagnetic window to protect the antenna from the environment. For 5G and the migration to much higher cellular frequencies and extremely broadband signals, many materials used at current frequencies cannot provide adequate low loss and broad bandwidth performance. This article discusses some issues and tradeoffs. Continue reading

Sharing an Antenna Doesn’t Mean Giving up Control

Mohamed Nadder Hamdy,  Director of Technical Sales 

The practice of network sharing has been a recurring topic of interest in the wireless industry since it was introduced in the early 2000′s. The first network sharing agreements were conceived as a way to help European wireless operators offset the high cost of launching 3G service in hard-to-cover areas. Despite the potential for savings, the initial surge of interest in network sharing quickly declined as most operators opted to build their own 3G networks. Continue reading

Six Ways to Troubleshoot in Local Area Networks

As the LAN (Local Area Network) environment gets increasingly complex, IDEAL Networks has issued guidance to help technicians identify the source of errors more simply and get the most from their network troubleshooting tester. Continue reading

The 5 Biggest Myths Around Base Station Antennas

Dr. Mohammed Nadder Hamdy, Director, Wireless Network Engineering

Base station antennas are like closed boxes that we rarely get a chance to look inside. They can’t be opened without getting damaged, and their size and weight makes them difficult to display inside offices. Despite significant technological advancements on the inside of the box, we still see only the same shaped box from the outside. This could be one of the reasons behind many misperceptions surrounding their function, which have turned into myths over time. Let’s explore some of the most common myths related to these mysterious boxes, revealing a few of the industry’s best-kept secrets. Continue reading

The Unexpected Cost of Low Cost Microwave Antennas

By Donald Gardner | CommScope

Microwave antennas form an essential part of modern mobile communication networks, providing the majority of backhaul provision between cell sites and core networks. In common with the rest of the network, there is a lot of pressure to minimize the costs of microwave network rollout. Some choose to do this through the use of cheap antennas; however, this can actually cost more in the long-run when the total cost of ownership (TCO) is considered. Let me explain by first reviewing some of the factors that drive cost in a microwave antenna. Continue reading

Major Trends for Outdoor Cell Sites

By Ben Cardwell, Senior Vice President, Wireless | CommScope

The wireless network industry is in the middle of the 4G technology cycle with the biggest LTE coverage build-outs largely done. Network operators are now in the phase of adding capacity to those networks. The industry is also starting the evolution to virtualized wireless networks. The 5G vision is fuzzy, but there are three primary trends in the outdoor radio access network (RAN) market: densification, virtualization and optimization. Continue reading

Blog Contributors Needed for 2016

Share Your Expertise. Antenna Systems & Technology is looking for knowledgeable professionals in the antenna industry who’d like to contribute to our online community in 2016 by writing a blog to be featured on the website and eNewsletter. Contributors can submit as often as they choose (1x, weekly, monthly, etc). Continue reading