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Paul Tornatta, VP RF Systems and Antenna Engineering
Cavendish Kinetics, Inc.

Modern Smart Phones are packed with useful features. In order to maximize the user experience, the performance of the radio must be optimized at all times. Antenna Aperture Tuning is a method used by all top-tier Smart Phone makers for optimizing the antenna performance across several frequency bands of operation. The next step in antenna optimization is closed loop tuning. In closed loop tuning, some performance metric (often antenna reflection coefficient) is used to change the response of the RF front-end to dynamically compensate for variations in usage including compensating for the detuning effects of the users head and hands during phone operation.  Dynamic tuning to compensate for head and hand effects is not a new concept. Most RF engineers believe the best way to implement closed loop tuning is with an impedance matching network, but if aperture tuning, not impedance matching, is the best way to tune an antenna, then why not use aperture tuning for closed loop tuning as well? Continue reading

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