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Leti Presents on Advances in Propagation Modeling and Antenna Design

What Does 5G Mean for IoT?

Chris Anderson, Vice President of Engineering

The universal goals of 5G are to decrease latency, provide at least a 10 times speed increase over LTE, and service up to a million Internet of Things (IoT) devices per square kilometer. To meet these goals,5G networks will look a lot different than any existing 3G or 4G network. Deploying technology solutions in the millimeter wave spectrum has completely different requirements and challenges from anything currently commercially deployed. Continue reading

4G and 5G are Changing the RF Front-End Industry Landscape: What are the Next Steps?

The Ripple Effect: Impacts of Antenna Selection on the Stages of a New Wireless Tower Build

John Keating, P.E., EVP of Market Operations
Centerline Solutions

Every decision has consequences. Like ripples in the surface of a pond that travel outward, each choice influences everything that comes afterward. These ripples intersect with those created by other decisions, forming new patterns in the process. Standing on the shore of a pond and watching the waters surface probably isnt the first thing that comes to mind when you think of wireless tower projects, but its an apt metaphor for the way antenna-related decisions throughout a tower project impact how the process unfolds and reshapes the next phase of the project. Continue reading

March 2017

  • Aperture Tuning, the Best Technique for Closed Loop Tuning
  • Radio Frequency Systems: The Clear Choice in Wireless Infrastructure
  • Tiny Horn Antennas Aid Testing of 5G Millimetre-Wave Equipment
  • Gap Wireless Distributing Non-Line-of-Sight Solutions from Tarana Wireless
  • Ethertronics Launches LoRa Module with Active Steering Antenna
  • Critical Communications Private Broadband LTE Market to Reach $2.6 billion by 2020
  • Keysight Technologies Works with Huawei on Phase II of China 5G Technology R&D Trial
  • Corporate Testing and Certification Company AT4 Wireless to Become DEKRA
  • Assured Wireless Demonstrates High Power Portable User Equipment for LTE Band 14 Public Safety Wireless Networks

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Antenova Reveals Chip Antennas for the New NB-IoT Standard

Tiny Horn Antennas Aid Testing of 5G Millimetre-Wave Equipment