The Magazine:
Antenna Systems & Technology is the world’s leading trade magazine for buyers and specifiers of antennas and related components, subsystems, services and products. The magazine carries technical and business news about the antenna market including new products, applications, technology developments and industry news. Readers span the
complete value-chain of the antenna marketplace including end-user carriers and operators, wireless OEMs, antenna manufacturers, dealers, integrators and suppliers.

The Readers:
The readers are comprised of four basic categories:

  • Design engineers with OEMs whose products have antennas
  •  System engineers, CTOs and technical professionals with organizations that operate antennas and wireless communication systems (end-users)
  • Technical and management staff with companies that manufacture antennas
  • Dealers, integrators and design/engineering firms that buy and specify antennas

The readers span all wireless markets and frequencies for antenna systems including cellular, microwave, satellite, Rf, broadband, RFID, micro, embedded, GPS, short-range and emerging technologies. They represent all industries and markets for antenna systems including aerospace, communications, defense, electronics, energy, government, healthcare, industrial, public safety, manufacturing and transportation.



The Advertisers:
Advertisers are antenna manufacturers, and suppliers of components, subsystems, materials, services and products used in the design, manufacture and operation of antennas and wireless communication systems.