LEED with DAS: Ensuring Connectivity in LEED-Certified Buildings

By Andrew Maier | WIN

Indoor distributed antenna systems (DAS) and LEED certification represent two of today’s biggest building trends. Everyone is relying more on their mobile devices, boosting the need for DAS solutions, and everyone wants to be green. And the momentum is only starting to build. The market value expected by 2020 is $16.71 billion for in-building wireless1 and a staggering $254 billion for green construction.2 MORE

Progress Comes in All Shapes and Sizes: A Practical Guide to Selecting and Deploying Antennas in Wireless Towers

By John C. Keating, P.E., VP of Professional Services | Centerline Solutions 

Antenna selection is an important design parameter imposed on a wireless project by the RF engineer—a critical decision because of the impact of this choice carries in terms of the complexity of tradeoffs, including performance, cost and time to market, to name just a few. Since the antenna selection will have far reaching impacts to the execution of the project, the RF engineer must strike the right balance between these tradeoffs and choose a compromise that best suits the objectives of the installation and its role in the overall wireless network.  MORE

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