When Tower Design Meets the Real World: How Antenna Selection Must Adapt During the Site Development Phase of a New Tower Build

John Keating, P.E., EVP of Market Operations
Centerline Solutions

This article is Part 2 in a series that Antenna Systems & Technology has invited me to write about how antenna selection evolves over the course of a new wireless tower project, impacted by factors that emerge during each of the three phases of these projects:

  • The initial RF design and antenna selection phase
  • The site development phase, which includes site Engineering, leasing and permitting; and
  • The final phase of tower construction and testing MORE
The Many Benefits Of Testing Your Antenna

Glenn Robb, Principal Engineer
Antenna Test Lab Co.

Your customers must succeed for you to succeed. Customers expect your system or products to perform their best at all times. In this RF world, that means your antennas have to “shine”! Not only will great antennas contribute to joint vendor/customer success, they help your company rise above the competition of mediocre or even bad antenna competition. MORE

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