Six Ways to Troubleshoot in Local Area Networks

As the LAN (Local Area Network) environment gets increasingly complex, IDEAL Networks has issued guidance to help technicians identify the source of errors more simply and get the most from their network troubleshooting tester. MORE

The 5 Biggest Myths Around Base Station Antennas

Dr. Mohammed Nadder Hamdy, Director, Wireless Network Engineering

Base station antennas are like closed boxes that we rarely get a chance to look inside. They can’t be opened without getting damaged, and their size and weight makes them difficult to display inside offices. Despite significant technological advancements on the inside of the box, we still see only the same shaped box from the outside. This could be one of the reasons behind many misperceptions surrounding their function, which have turned into myths over time. Let’s explore some of the most common myths related to these mysterious boxes, revealing a few of the industry’s best-kept secrets. MORE

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