Sinclair Technologies Helps NAV Canada Safely Move Millions of Aircraft

Michel Gagnon, Sinclair Technologies
Tammy St-Amand, NAV Canada

Who is NAV Canada?
NAV CANADA is Canada’s Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) managing 12 million aircraft movements a year for 40,000 customers over 18 million square kilometers. They are the world’s second-largest ANSP by traffic volume. Created in 1996 through the combined efforts of commercial air carriers, general aviation, the Government of Canada, as well as their employees and their unions, NAV CANADA is the world’s first fully privatized civil air navigation service provider. MORE

The Ongoing IoT Conundrum: Who’s Going to Pay?

Dermot O’Shea, Co-Founder and Joint CEO 

The adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies has certainly been on the rise, and just about every industry—in every corner of the globe—has made strides forward with IoT projects. We’re seeing Smart City initiatives pop up around the world, Smart Metering projects mandated by governments, healthcare initiatives developed that drive adoption of IoT devices, and so on. MORE

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