5G Cellular Electromagnetic Window Considerations

D. J. Kozakoff, C. Corallo, D. Petra, and W. Roovers

Every pole mounted cellular antenna uses a RF transparent electromagnetic window to protect the antenna from the environment. For 5G and the migration to much higher cellular frequencies and extremely broadband signals, many materials used at current frequencies cannot provide adequate low loss and broad bandwidth performance. This article discusses some issues and tradeoffs. MORE

Sharing an Antenna Doesn’t Mean Giving up Control

Mohamed Nadder Hamdy,  Director of Technical Sales 

The practice of network sharing has been a recurring topic of interest in the wireless industry since it was introduced in the early 2000′s. The first network sharing agreements were conceived as a way to help European wireless operators offset the high cost of launching 3G service in hard-to-cover areas. Despite the potential for savings, the initial surge of interest in network sharing quickly declined as most operators opted to build their own 3G networks. MORE

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